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Hint: Trust your own damn self.

The Easiest Way to Make New Friends at Work

It's the first day of school alllll over again.
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How to Throw a Dinner Party on a Weeknight (Yep,It's Possible)

Wednesdays are about to be lit.


To our incredible readers...
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I Sleep on an Avocado Every Night,and It's Magical

A Guide to Balancing "Clean Beauty"With Science

What's true cause for concern and what's alarmist?

yabo app

Sure,you can pretend No.14 is beneath you,but we all know it's awesome.

8 Drug-Free Ways to Calm Anxiety in Minutes

This one .GIF is...weirdly relaxing.

The Mysterious Beats That Could Help You Sleep Better

This is your brain.This is your brain on binaural beats.

5 Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything and Find More Joy

Sometimes you gotta choose heart > head

The 11 Grossest Things You Use Every Single Day and Don't Know How to Clean

Have you ever opened up a year-old phone case?Ew.Ewewew.Ewwwwwww.
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8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Healthier

It's easier than you think.

What I've Learned From Balding in My 20s

You have to come to terms with your superficiality.