5 Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything and Find More Joy 亚搏彩票app下载Workout classes are always超级一月份的头几个星期都很拥挤。The other day,my regular yoga class became a mat-to-mat experience,and I had to chuckle a little at the universal New Year enthusiasm.


"If you lose balance and fall,这是完美的。If you don't know the pose and have never heard Sanskrit,that's perfect too.Just copy the rest of us and try your best.If you're confused and regret coming at any time—also perfect!尽情享受吧。探索你身体的极限。四处游玩。”


And as the class kicked off,I was surprised by something.The experienced yogis seemed to have the least fun of all.I noticed their furrowed brows.Their discomfort when toppling during a standing balance.他们冲着前进,而不是随着呼吸而流动。

对于新手来说,one even asked,"Hey,what's an asana (pose)?"And they had the最有趣and probably got the best 亚搏彩票app下载workout too.A couple of them even went for it with headstands—something I never even attempt after nearly 10 years of going to classes!And it worked!

Let me ask you something for a sec… Take a breath and think of a time you purely used your head.A time when that brain of yours entirely led the way.怎么搞的?

Now… Take another breath and think of a time you used your heart.When your heart-space led you fully.What happened then?

Reflecting on that for a moment,你想要更多的心驱动吗?intuitive moments to create life?Probably,正确的?That's how we get to the place where we're going full-throttle and falling over in yoga class,not caring what we look like.Here's how you can sprinkle in more heart-led decisions every day and have far more (unexpected) fun along the way:

1。Imagine 2019 is your last year to live.

What are three things you'd make non-negotiable: spending time with your parents?写那本书?参观大峡谷?Sitting down to have an intimate talk that you've been putting off?Make them real!


Can you test a new recipe you've always wanted to try and not be married to the outcome?Just give it a whirl with an open,curious mind?如果它是好的,great!If not,有多糟?What's the最差的that can happen?今天是拉面之夜!And the best-case scenario—a new fabulous meal in the rotation!

三。Sign up for something new.

你能在不感到尴尬的情况下参加新的锻炼吗?亚搏彩票app下载Every expert was once a beginner,and even the triathlon pros had to learn to ride a bike and swim.People aren't watching,don't worry (they're too focused on themselves).Most classes have beginner options too—including barre,尊巴,SLT!

4.Think: What have I kinda always wanted to do but haven't made a priority yet?

它可以是任何东西。Can you ditch the reason that's stopping you and just book that trip to India?Trycryotherapy?Register for that self-help seminar or take that evening Spanish class?Go trapezing?What are you waiting for,exactly?

5.Cleanse yourself of perfectionist tendencies.

Expect nothing.或者期待糟糕。Anything above awful can be a bonus.Can you take yourself a little less seriously?Because joy,ideas,and creativity flow when we're loose,不紧张。

用你的头没什么问题。It's an amazing decision-making filter that keeps you safe and helps you make "sound"decisions.但是大脑不是亲实验。Our head likes routine and the perceived security it brings us.But not every decision needs to be sensible.Pure sensibility creates many blocks to new opportunities.

If your 2019 resolutions read like a logical January to-do list,you may wanna infuse a little more heart into them.作为向导,心是什么样的?Well,它不会让人过度思考。这感觉。它去了它所叫的地方。And who knows where that can take you?也许一些意想不到的事情,比如一个成功的倒立,你的大脑需要十年才能到达。

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